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Chef Ahimara and Chef Eliceo

Ahimara and Eliceo are from Valencia, the capital city of the Carabobo state in Venezuela. Ahimara learned to cook from her grandmother who taught her the art and balance of flavors. Before coming to the United States, Ahimara had decades of baking and entrepreneurial experience in Venezuela where she was trained as a Master Pastry Chef. Ahimara and Eliceo owned a culinary academy where they taught as well as participated in numerous baking and cooking classes, focusing on breads, cakes, custards, and tarts.

Now in Utah, Ahimara and Eliceo have launched DeliciUS, a family Venezuelan bakery business that brings the flavors and recipes of Venezuela to Salt Lake City. Friends experience sincere emotion when they are able to eat these unique treats that remind them of home. Together they hope that their new community can better understand all that immigrants can offer to their new home.

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Chef Ahimara and Eliceo participated in the 2019 Journey to the Wasatch, the International Rescue Committee’s annual fundraising party celebrating refugees in our community who survive conflict and disaster to call Utah their home.